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News Reports and Stories - 2018

If you are a participant in any news-worthy event please submit a brief report, preferably with a few pictures, to: Geoff Portas

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Nene Flyer Naming.

Report by Roy Child

The naming ceremony of our new RS Venture keelboat took place on Sat 28th April. Guests from Nene Valley Rotary Club and Wooden Spoon Charity who raised the money for us to purchase the boat, along with club members attended. Originally meant as a launch ceremony, miserable weather unfortunately foreshortened the event.

Champagne was duly used by Alastair Rowton, President of Nene Valley Rotary, to christen the boat ‘Nene Flyer’ with a short speech at the same time presenting us a cheque for £10,000. Roy gave a similarly short speech thanking both organisations for their generosity.

Everyone swiftly retired to the clubhouse to enjoy the nibbles and drinks in a more convivial atmosphere.

Again many thanks to Nene Valley Rotary Club and the Wooden Spoon Charity for their support.

In Memory of Brian Thake - Northampton Sailability

It is with great sorrow that I heard of the passing of Brian Thake. His energy and vision in starting Northampton Sailability as a retirement project leaves us all owing him a great deal.

Brian had been married to Daphne for over sixty years when she sadly passed away a few years ago. They have a son and daughter and several grandchildren. Unfortunately Brian recently developed Altzheimers and moved to Reading to be with his son.

Brian was a businessman in Leicester and has sailed all his life and had been a member of Northampton Sailing Club for many years. He raced very competitively all year with his Flying Fifteen. He was also a keen member of a Sub-aqua Diving Club at Stoney Cove in Leicestershire. He dived in many exotic locations around the world and had many a tale to tell about his adventures.

As a member of Northampton Sailing Club, Brian took over the organising of trips for groups of disabled people and the use of two modified boats that had been donated to the Club. He realised that there were many other people who would benefit from having the opportunity to sail at Pitsford and decided to gather together a group of sailors to offer regular sailing for people with disabilities.

He initially bought a Drascome Longboat around 1994 to take groups out for occasional trips on Pitsford Water, he named it ‘Serendipity’ and is much loved still as part of our fleet.

I was initiated into his group of enthusiasts after being made disabled in 1994 and turned up at Northampton Sailing Club looking for sailing. Brian met me outside the clubhouse, he took me by the arm into a meeting setting up Northampton Sailability saying ‘ You're just who we need!’. Typical of Brian! Thereby hangs a tale!

You only need to browse the archives on this website to get an idea of how his vision grew and grew. He will be greatly missed by us all.

Roy Child, Chairman - Northampton Sailability

Brian’s funeral will be at Great Glen Crematorium, Leicester LE8 9DJ on Friday, April 27 at 12:30.